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What you can expect when you contact us


  • Our Safeguarding Officers, Mary and/or Karen, will give you space to share your story and time to talk at your own pace.

  • You can always contact your parish safeguarding rep (PSR), who's details can be found on the parish safeguarding posters - displayed in all churches and church buildings. The parish safeguarding reps are the 'eyes and ears' of safeguarding within Wrexham diocese at a local level, and there is at least one in each parish. All parish reps come from a professional background and are trained in all safeguarding matters and procedures.

  • It is up to you what and how much you share depending on what you are comfortable with.

  • They will listen in a way that is non-judgemental and built on a foundation of respect for you and how you feel.

  • They may ask you some questions but this is only so they can better understand your experiences.

  • They will talk with you about different support options available.

  • They will let you know what will happen next and arrange a time to contact you again to give you feedback or an update.

We may refer disclosures of abuse to statutory agencies (Police, Children’s Services and / or Adults’ Services) in line with the Catholic Safeguarding Standards Agency guidelines. We do this to protect other children and adults from harm. Even if you were abused a long time ago, your abuser may still be working with children or adults, and we want to make sure they are not at risk. Any referrals to statutory agencies will be made in discussion with you and you will be able to choose whether or not you consent to a police investigation. Click HERE to read more in our Management of Concerns and Allegations Policy.

Our Commitment to Survivors


We are aware that talking to someone who works for the Diocese of Wrexham about abuse you experienced within the church may feel daunting or you may not feel that you can trust us.

Please be assured that we in the Safeguarding Office have made a commitment to survivors of abuse and are dedicated to ensuring that you are heard, and that children and adults are kept safe.

If you don’t yet feel ready to talk to us just yet… that’s totally ok. It can take time to feel comfortable to talk about abuse and only you will know when the time is right. When you do make contact, we’ll be here to listen and support you. Until then, there are a number of other organisations you can contact, who provide support, advice and guidance to survivors and victims of abuse please click HERE

Please Click HERE to access our Privacy Policy

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