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Instructions For My Funeral Mass

Instructions For My Funeral Mass

This leaflet has been produced by the Marriage and Family Life Commission of the Diocese of Wrexham with the guidance of the Bishop of Wrexham.  It is intended as a guide and is not a legally binding document in any way. 

Once it is completed, you are advised to share its existence with your family, Parish Priest and /or Funeral Director and review it as necessary.


Some believers may not fear death but, like many others, put off thinking about it. A funeral is often handled in distress, disinterest or in haste, and as a result in a manner which doesn't reflect the wishes of the one who has died.

Fill in whatever details you wish from these instructions to enable you to have your own say in your funeral and over your body.

Far from being morbid, this approach is both a courtesy and a responsibility.

You are advised to share the existence of this document with family or a trusted friend and place it where it might easily be found after your death.

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Instructions For My Funeral Mass

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