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Marriage & Family Life

Welcome to the Marriage & Family Life Web Pages!

​To contact us about anything you have read on this site or for more information about the work of the Commission please contact Mrs Jeanie Larkin, Marriage & Family Life Development Worker.

​Tel: 07542 268728


In 2005 the Bishops also endorsed the development of collaborative work in three areas of family life in order to respond directly to three priorities that emerged from the listening process and all the work that the Marriage and Family Life Commission undertake in the Diocese on your behalf falls under one of these main headings:

Everybody's Welcome 

A need for welcoming, family-sensitive, friendly parishes where Christian community thrives and sustains the lives of those both at its heart and on the margins;

What we do in our Diocese

The Marriage & Family Life Pages are currently under construction - Please check back soon!

Catholics Experiencing Domestic Abuse
Catholics Experiencing Domestic Abuse
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