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A Prayer for the New Year

1st January 2021 There are times when other people manage to sum up ones own sentiments far more concisely than one can for oneself, here is an example that I share with every best wish and the assurance of my prayers for the Diocese this New Year.
Lord, set a border on excess, and let the borders be exceeded. May people not make false money, and money not make people false. Send more truth to our brothers and sisters, and the truth more brothers and sisters. Give our rulers a peaceful language, and with that language a more peaceful world. Help us enjoy the goods of the earth and the fruits of progress in moderation. Give us a Church that keeps its spiritual doors open, and open the doors to a spirit-filled Church. And Lord, grant that we may all get to heaven, but not right away!
An adaption of the New Year’s prayer of Fr. H.J. Kappen, a priest of St. Lamberti in Münster, 1883 Copyright © 2020 INTAMS (International Academy for Marital Spirituality), All rights reserved. INTAMS, an international non-profit institute affiliated with the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium.
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