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Rev Father Franklin Ebuka Umekachikelu

Missionaries of St Paul

Parish Priest

Fr Ebuka.jpg

Rev Fr Franklin Ebuka Umekachikelu is a priest serving in the Diocese of Wrexham is in good standing and has the faculty to hear confessions.


Hisce praesentibus, testificor te esse sacredotum, valide ordinatum, necon incardinatum hujus in Dioecesi, et ad normam can.903 do tibi has LITTERAS COMENDATITIAS, et rogo Rectoribus Ecclesiarum tibi admittere ad celebrandum Eucharistiam.


I hereby declare that you are a validly ordained priest, incardinated in this Diocese, and in accordance with Canon 903, I grant you the COMMENDATORY LETTERS, and request Rectors of Churches to admit you to celebrate the Eucharist.

He has a current Enhanced DBS disclosure and has undertaken Safeguarding  training for ministry.


Rt Rev Peter M Brignall

Bishop of Wrexham

                                                                                                                          Celebret Expires 1st August 2024

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