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Primary to Pre -teen

Primary to Pre -teen.jpg

Eight weekly sessions to help parents of children five to twelve years  old to improve their communication skills and create a framework of discipline and respect in  their families. Now fully updated with new DVD.

Being Assertive 

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Ways of respecting others but not letting yourself be walked on - especially  for parents.  Seven weekly sessions to help you to deal more effectively with those awkward  situations when you could kick yourself for having said 'yes' to something you didn't want to,  or for saying the wrong thing, or for handling something badly.

To express an interest in a parenting course in your parish please contact

We now offer parent support programmes that have been produced by The Family Caring Trust. For over a decade, the Trust's resources have been the most popular parenting materials in Britain and Ireland - over half a million parents have experienced at least one of the courses. They have also been translated into Afrikaans, Arabic, Bengali, Czech, Danish, Icelandic, Japanese, Latvian, Punjabi, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Tamil, Urdu, Welsh and Xhosa! They are widely used by social services, and by well over a thousand schools and adult education bodies.

Nought to Sixes

nought to sixes.jpg

Seven or eight weekly sessions offering effective parenting support to  parents of babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and children in the first few years of primary  school. Simply written, jargon-free, common sense approach. Produced in co-operation with  Barnardos and incorporating the BBC's acclaimed QED programme on parenting.

Parenting Teenagers

Parenting Teenagers.jpg

Six to eight weekly sessions to reinforce the same parenting skills while dealing with the more difficult situations met in the teen years. Because it is so important to reinforce skills being learnt, it is recommended that parents of teenagers experience the Primary to Pre-teen programme first (though this is not essential).

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