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Message from Bishop Peter on the Invasion of the Ukraine

I am greatly pained by the Russian invasion of Ukraine both as an unjustified military action against an independent and  sovereign country and for the innocent people whose lives and way of life are threatened by this action; I pray for them. I commend to you the appeal the Head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church His Beatitude Sviatoslav ‘to the Sons and Daughters of the Ukrainian People in Ukraine and Abroad, and to all People of Good Will’ and ask you join with me in prayer for the immediate withdrawal of the Russian invading forces and peace for the people of Ukraine.

I invite you to join with me in a short vigil of prayer on the steps of S. Mary’s Cathedral this Sunday (27th February) afternoon at 4 o’clock, for the end of this hostility and peace for the people of Ukraine.


In the meantime we pray:

Almighty God and Father, mindful that your Son who himself is peace has destroyed our hatreds by his death,
look in mercy on the people of Ukraine that they may be freed from the tyranny of invasion to live their
lives and to serve you and their neighbour in freedom and peace.
Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

 And remembering that even as he hung upon the cross, Jesus gave us into the protection of Mary his mother, we seek her intercession saying that most ancient of prayers to the Mother of God:

We fly to Your patronage, O Virgin Mother of God. Despise not our prayers in our needs,
but deliver us from all dangers, since you alone are pure and blessed.

O most glorious Ever-Virgin Mary, the Mother of Christ our God,
accept our prayers and present them to Your Son and our God, that for the sake of You,
He enlighten and save our souls. Amen

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