Church of The Sacred Heart, Hawarden

In the Parish of Hawarden


77 The Highway




Tel:  07542 268733

(Emergency Number) 01352 713181


Mass Times

Sunday:           10.30am

Vigil Mass:       - 

Holy Days:       As announced 

Weekdays:       Wednesday & Friday

                          5.30pm - Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament & Sacrament of  



                          (On first Friday, Novena to the Sacred Heart during Adoration)


                           6.30pm - Holy Mass

Confessions:    Wednesday & Friday during adoration and at call before / after                                                 Sunday and Weekday Masses



Celebration of Mass

We are open for Mass

  • Mass will be held on Wednesday and Sunday.

  • The first Mass will be Wednesday 12th August @ 6:30 p.m.

  • Sunday Mass start 16th August @ 10:30 a.m.

  • We are able to accommodate a maximum of 33 people for Mass including two (2) family groups of five (5) and one of three (3).

  • Please do not attend Church unless you have registered.

  • To register to reserve a seat either email or txt 07866246172 providing name and contact details.                        

  • Your allocation will be confirmed in writing

  • Face coverings are highly recommended

  • No literature will be provided; however, you can bring your own or electronic version (if this on a mobile please ensure it is in flight mode)

  • The toilets, repository and confessional are closed

Celebration of Mass within Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Please take a few minutes to read these key points to ensure you have a safe

visit whilst attending Mass.

  • Mass will be twice a week – Wednesday 6:30 p.m. and Sunday 10:30 a.m.


To enable everyone to have the opportunity to attend Mass you can (providing details of all attending) for one Mass per week (Sunday obligation is suspended)either by:

e-mail or text or tel. 07866246172.

This information is required for Track and Trace purposes and will be destroyed 21 days after the Mass


  • The capacity of our church for Mass is 26 single seats or 33 with family groups  “bubbles” (two family groups maximum 5 and one family group of three)

  • Wearing a face covering is highly recommended as you enter church unless exempt for medical reasons – please bring your own

  • Please follow instruction given by the Stewards, observing social distancing (2 metres), the one way system and minimised conversation

  • As no literature is provided for the Mass, please bring your own (Missal or electronic device which must be in Flight Mode)

  • The outer Church doors will be closed at the start of Mass. There will be a steward located in the Inner Porch for safety and security

  • The church is well ventilated so come adequately dressed

  • Lighting of votive candles is permitted but be aware of social distancing

  • The toilets, repository and confessional are closed and Holy Water is not available

  • There will be readings (readers will wear gloves for minimal contact and sit in seats 1 and 2)

  • For the time being Bidding Prayers are omitted

  • The Homily is restricted to 4-5 minutes and the Apostles Creed is said

  • There is no offertory procession as only the priest will prepare for the Mass

  • Where possible, offerings are requested on-line by Standing Order etc., but can be made using the receptacles which are in the inner porch and at the exit

  • Singing is not permitted during Mass, however on a Sunday music will be played at start and end of the Mass. Sunday Mass will continue on ZOOM for the foreseeable future

  • Members of the congregation must not exchange the sign of peace

  • The priest will receive holy communion (both kinds) using his own host and chalice.



  • Prior to the congregation receiving the host (from a separate ciborium) the priest will thoroughly wash his hands. Any cloths used during the mass are laundered after each use.

  • The priest will put on a face covering and approach each seated person – Please stand to receive communion with arms outstretched and the priest will “drop” the host onto your crossed palm. Place the host in your mouth and sit back down. If you do not want to receive the host please cross your arms. The priest will return to the altar. At present there is no distribution of Communion to the sick or housebound.

  • After the final blessing, please remain seated, the stewards will instruct you to leave church via the rear exit, (remember to sanitise your hands) however anyone who would find it difficult please notify the steward who will ask you to remain seated until all other members have left .

You can then exit the church through the front entrance




The new format of the Mass is to limit the time “groups” gather indoors to celebrate whilst observing the necessary regulations and safety measures.

  • 8th August 2020



Serving Clergy
Rev Fr Vipin James SDV
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