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Statement From Bishop Peter
On the Death of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

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9th September 2022

In the seventy year reign as Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland we have known a monarch who in so many ways has been an outstanding example of Christian discipleship reigning over our countries and those of the Commonwealth. Her Majesty the Queen has shown by example, commitment and leadership that has been inspired by her faith and has inspired so many of faith and none. It is this Sovereign whose death we mourn.

On behalf of the Catholic community of the Diocese of Wrexham with its people of many nationalities of the this islands, the Commonwealth and beyond I extend our condolences to the family of Queen Elizabeth II

Our prayer now is that before the throne of the Merciful God she receive in abundance that which she has given, all for which she has hoped in faith and be united with her beloved Prince Philip in the peace and joy of the heavenly kingdom.

Queen Elizabeth II has been an example of Christian faith and light in the greatest and darkest times of our world, may she know now the glory of God from who comes all authority and the rewards for faithful service. We extend to her family our deepest sympathies and pray before God for their comfort in sorrow and the peace of Christ who proclaimed himself to be the ‘resurrection and the life’.

May she rest in peace.

May Prince Charles as he assumes the office of King in grief at the death of his mother know blessing and wisdom in his reign.

God save the King

I share with you a tribute and prayers of the Church in England and Wales. 

Prayers for the Repose of the Soul of HM Queen Elizabeth II - Catholic Bishops' Conference (

Please be assured of my continued prayers,

† Peter

The Rt Rev’d Peter M. Brignall

Bishop of Wrexham

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