A Way of Light - Via Lucis



As we continue in these extraordinary times - even with a faint glimmer of lockdown being gradually reduced - we may still be feeling challenged and isolated, adapting to a different ‘normal’, and knowing that social distancing will continue in some way for a time. But we are very aware, too, that this is the joyful season of Eastertide, when we celebrate the risen Christ who always walks with us, whatever our circumstances.  


Following on from the Way of the Cross on Good Friday, St Beuno’s Outreach are now warmly inviting you to join them through Zoom for the Stations of the Resurrection, sometimes known as the Via Lucis ('Way of Light'), where we journey with the risen Christ through to Pentecost, and move from the experience of suffering to the hope of arriving at joy, peace and liberation.


This time, we are dividing the Stations into two sets, to be presented a fortnight apart. Stations 1-7 will be presented next Sunday, 17th May at 7pm; and Stations 8-14 on Pentecost Sunday, 31st May at 7pm. (You will receive a separate invitation for the second set nearer the time, with different Zoom details).  


We expect each set of Stations to last around 45 minutes, and the Zoom channel will open up at 6.45pm to give everyone time to join the meeting. (See below for further details about using Zoom and for what will happen during the presentation.)


Please email Carol on the following email to obtain the login details - carol.bayliss@uwclub.net


We also encourage you to share this invitation with anyone else you feel may be interested, whether within your own parish or beyond. 


We do hope that you are able to join us.


With our warm wishes and prayers,


Fr Damian and the St Beuno's Outreach Team





A Way of Light - Via Lucis


Hints for using Zoom


You may already be familiar with Zoom, which is a way of connecting with people visually and audibly using computer, laptop, phone or tablet through the internet. But if not, here are some instructions.  


1. If you haven’t got the Zoom app installed on your device, simply click on the blue meeting link above (https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89929246293?pwd=WXB4Z3lqOVU5WkhMbERvOXJGb2h1Zz09).

This will take you straight to the Zoom web page and guide you through connecting to the meeting. 




2. If you already have the Zoom app on your device, open it and click ‘join meeting’. Enter the Meeting ID, then click continue. On the next screen enter your Password and click continue: you will then see a screen which says ‘ensure your internet/computer audio is turned on’. You will then have joined, and hopefully be able to see and hear others.


3. If you get a choice about audio options, choose to join using Computer/device Audio; for video, choose 'Join with video'.


4. There should be controls on your screen that let you mute and unmute, as well as switching your video on and off.


5. You can choose 'Gallery view' (which shows several people in small thumbnail views on one screen) or 'Speaker view' (which highlights the current speaker as one main picture). Here’s how:

On a computer browser, this is done by clicking the 'Gallery' or 'Speaker' wording in the upper right of the window.

On an iPhone or Android phone, you can ‘swipe’ left across the screen to see up to four people in gallery view. 
Swipe left again to see more on an iPad: click Gallery view in the upper left of the window to see nine people at a time.



What will happen during the presentation of the Stations


Please note that when you join the meeting you may see a welcome slide with music, while during the introduction and closing prayer you will see Fr Damian and a few other faces. During the main presentation, we will be putting images for each Station on the screen.


You will be muted when you join the meeting, so don’t worry if you see a red crossed-out microphone symbol by your image. You will still be able to hear what is being said as well as seeing what is being shown: it is simply to cut out any background noise since all our microphones are very sensitive and might be distracting to everyone during the service.


Please do join in with the responses and prayer (which will be shown on the screen) in your home, but please do keep yourself muted.


The presentation may be recorded, but only for use by St Beuno’s. This means that your face may be visible-if you would rather it didn’t please check the ‘stop video’ sign which you will see when you click on the small blue icon with 3 white dots at the top right of your image when you join the meeting.


Hints for Using Zoom


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