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During this time of lockdown many people across our diocese are really appreciating coming together to pray with others through the wonders of ‘Zoom’ technology. For example, over 100 people joined the St Beuno’s Outreach Team for the ‘Way of the Cross’ by Zoom on Good Friday morning and found it to be a very prayerful experience.


We are now warmly inviting anyone who might be interested to try out one of the ‘Zoom Prego’ groups offered by the St Beuno’s Outreach on different days of the week. The groups are open to everyone - priests, deacons and laity; and a good number of the groups are ecumenical. They are welcoming and unthreatening, and do not require people to sign up to them long-term. They are run by St Beuno’s Outreach, led by myself with the support of about 25 Prayer Guides, all of whom are trained in Ignatian spirituality and prayer guidance. 


Most of you know that Prego groups have been meeting in our churches, church rooms and in people’s homes across the diocese for many years now. Their purpose is to help people develop and maintain a personal relationship with God through Christ by praying the Word of God, and also by supporting each other by their shared faith and by their presence. We always pray with and reflect on the Scripture readings for the Mass of the following Sunday (using material in the weekly ‘Prego leaflet’ produced by St Beuno’s Outreach). The groups are also a wonderful complement to ‘The God who Speaks’ initiative in this Year of the Word.


People are finding the groups to be a great help during these very challenging times, not only in offering the chance to pray together, but also they provide the opportunity to support others - often just by their presence in the zoom group.


If you are interested, please do contact us by email at ---


Below you can read about what happens during a Prego meeting by Zoom. You can also download the weekly Prego leaflet from our website at


or sign up (on the blog there) to have it sent direct to your email each Friday.


Let us remember each other in our prayers during these times, which, though difficult, are underpinned with the peace and hope the Risen Lord always brings.


Sincerely in Christ,


Fr Damian Jackson SJ, St. Beuno’s, St. Asaph.     LL17 0AS   Tel: 0753 1021812                                                                                                                 




What happens during a Prego meeting by Zoom?


  • All you need to join a Zoom group is access to the internet and a connecting device – a Smartphone, tablet, I-Pad or computer (laptop or desktop). You don’t have to have a Zoom app, although it will be of help. The Zoom technology itself is quite easy to use but we are very happy to arrange a ‘Zoom practice’ in advance for anyone unfamiliar with it! (Contrary to previous publicity, Zoom has now been updated and is now quite safe to use).


  • The Zoom host will send out an invitation earlier in the week explaining how to join the group by clicking on a link. (At the moment there are about 10 groups meeting at different times on various days of the week).


  • On the day of the meeting, the Zoom host will ‘open the doors’ about 15 minutes before the meeting starts so that people can arrive gradually and informally.


  • Everyone is welcomed by the group leader, followed by a time of coming to quiet as we slowly enter prayer.


  • Next we read a passage from the Sunday readings slowly and reflectively, often several times over, and spend time in silence. There will be gentle suggestions as to how to we might pray the text we are using.


  • An invitation to share our experience for a short time follows, often in small ‘breakout groups’ – though no-one is ever put under any pressure to share unless they wish to do so.


  • We then come together again as one group for a time of short intercessions, where we share concerns for others and for the world.


  • Before the meeting ends, everyone is invited (but only if they wish) to share a word or a phrase on their experience and how they are now. Not infrequently, some people just to prefer to listen, and this is fully respected.



N. B.

  • For anyone who is unable to access the Zoom groups, we are happy to send out copies of the Prego leaflet by post.

  • If anyone has any questions or points they would like more information on, please don’t hesitate to send us an email on:


St Beuno's Outreach Prego Group via Zoom


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