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Diocesan Choir 

Diocesan Choir



The choir, formed in 2000 and directed by Paul Booth, the Diocesan Director of Music, provides music of a wide variety for Diocesan Celebrations throughout the year at St Mary’s Cathedral, Wrexham and at other locations around the Diocese.


Singers are drawn from parishes of the Diocese and membership is open to those with a love of singing and music in the liturgy.


For details of how to join the choir contact Paul on 07908 093661


Throughout the lockdown and ensuing social distancing requirements of 2020, the choir has met virtually. Online rehearsals continue - we have even recorded a number of hymns in isolation for the Diocesan Website.



Online rehearsal dates for the Diocesan choir 


  • 4.30        Saturday 31st October

  • 4:30        Saturday   4th November

  • 4:30        Saturday  14th November

  • 4:30        Saturday  28th November

  • 4:30        Saturday    5th December

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An Online recording session with some members of the Diocesan Choir